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Introducing the Cynamed Premium Emmett Fistula Dissecting Hook

Cynamed Premium Emmett Fistula Dissecting Hook, 10 in.

Emmett Fistula surgery, a procedure to correct abnormal connections between organs or body cavities in animals, requires specialized instruments for precise dissection and manipulation of tissues. The Cynamed Premium Emmett Fistula Dissecting Hook is a valuable tool designed to meet the specific needs of this delicate surgery.

  • Cynamed Premium Emmett Fistula Dissecting Hook, 10 in.
  • Cynamed Premium Emmett Fistula Dissecting Hook, 10 in.
  • Cynamed Premium Emmett Fistula Dissecting Hook, 10 in.

Key Features

Hooked for Efficiency (Available in Two Styles): The Emmett Fistula Hook comes in two styles:

  • Style #1: Hook-Style: This style features a curved, hook-shaped tip specifically designed for probing and exploring tissues during surgery. The hooked tip facilitates gentle maneuvering and visualization of the surgical field.
  • Style #2: Right Angle, Sharp Tip: This style offers a right-angled tip with a sharp point. This variation may be preferred for specific procedures requiring a more defined scraping or dissecting action.

Built to Last: Crafted from premium stainless steel, the Cynamed Hook is built for durability and longevity. This high-quality material ensures the instrument can withstand repeated use and sterilization processes.

Precise Dissection: The 10-inch (25.4cm) length of the hook provides optimal control and visibility during surgery. This length is particularly suited for deeper dissections common in Emmett Fistula procedures.

Comfort in Control: The Cynamed Hook prioritizes surgeon comfort with a well-designed handle. This ergonomic design ensures a firm grip and reduces hand fatigue during extended procedures.

Sterilization Ready: The hook is autoclavable and corrosion-resistant, allowing for proper sterilization between surgeries. This adherence to hygiene standards is crucial to prevent infection control risks.

Meeting the Standards: The Cynamed Hook is manufactured according to ASTM-standard stainless steel and conforms to relevant quality certifications, including ISO 9001, CE Mark, ISO 13485, and FDA standards.


The Cynamed Emmett Fistula Hook is primarily designed for use in Emmett Fistula surgery. The hooked tip and 10-inch length provide optimal functionality for navigating the specific challenges of this procedure. Additionally, the hook’s versatility may make it suitable for other surgical procedures requiring delicate tissue manipulation and exploration.


The Cynamed Premium Emmett Fistula Dissecting Hook provides veterinarians with a dependable and ergonomic tool for performing Emmett Fistula surgery. Its hooked design, premium materials, and comfortable handle make it a valuable addition to any surgical instrument set.

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