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Medical Tool Kit

Cynamed First Responder Medical Tool Kit

$34.99 $24.99
This First Responder Medical Tool Kit is an ALL-INCLUSIVE TACTICAL EMT BAG. It comes with a pair of bandage scissors, EMT shears, tweezers, a hemostat, a debris remover, a pupil light, and a pouch. This EMT go-bag lets you administer first aid in high-tension situations and emergencies, as it comes with a complete set of essentials – everything you need is right in front of you! Here are the features of the First Responder Medical Tool Kit  or simply the first responder kit.


  • This tactical medical first aid kit has a handy medical first responder pouch that you can wear across your body. Since you need, quick access to this EMT bag with supplies, (you cannot waste a moment when someone needs prompt medical attention).
It has a flap closure with a Velcro attachment, allowing you to open and close the EMT equipment bag swiftly. It is made of woven nylon that is washable and easy to clean. The pouch is fitted with a hook-and-loop attachment. This feature ensures smooth wearing and removal without the need to take off your belt. It has large pockets for shears and forceps, along with side tool pockets as well.

DURABLE - You cannot have medical instruments in your first responder bag that are of poor quality as it means danger for the patient. The First Responder Medical Tool Kit comes with premium-grade medical instruments made of hardened stainless steel. They are resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion; therefore, they last longer.

Some Other Features Of Medical Tool Kit


  • Made with top quality stainless steel, this first aid bag has a two-sided magnetic debris remover for delicate areas like the eyes. It comes with a powerful eye magnet for drawing our metallic particles, while a nylon loop is used for removing non-metallic debris.


  • A tactical first aid kit must contain a pair of bandage shears. They are extremely useful for cutting through any material such as clothing, car seats, tape, and so on. They have serrated blades and a blunt edge to ensure clean, crisp cuts while maintaining safety.


  1.   Is the item durable?
Yes, it is very durable long-lasting.
  1. Is it easy to maintain?
Yes, it is easy to wash, clean, and maintain.
  1.   Is the first responder kit easy to use?
Yes, using the First Responder Medical Tool Kit or the first responder bag is very easy.
  1.   Is there a warranty on the item?
No, there is no warranty period on this item.
  1. What are the product dimensions?
The item dimensions are 8 x 4 x 1 inch; 9.4 Ounces.