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Suture Scissors

Cynamed Suture Stitch Scissors with Multicolor


PREMIUM QUALITY -  Firstly, The Suture Scissors are made from German grade forging and stainless steel of the best quality. Unlike surgical instruments made from inferior materials, this pair lasts for a long time without the parts coming loose. Moreover, the body is sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion.

ATTRACTIVE LOOK -  Secondly, The titanium-bonded, multicolor coating gives off a rainbow-colored vibe that is aesthetically appealing. More importantly, The colors vibrate magnificently when light falls on the stitch scissors. The kaleidoscope of shades makes it easy to locate this pair among the paraphernalia in your first aid kit. You won’t have to waste time looking for it, especially during emergencies!

GREAT FOR SUTURE REMOVAL -  As mentioned, removing sutures is a painstaking job and must be done with the utmost precision. The hook is specifically to remove sutures with care. The time of suture removal depends upon the location and degree of tension the wound was close under. To remove sutures, one tail of the suture is to grasp with forceps and pulled gently towards one side of the wound, elevating the knot. The suture's opposite side is to cut with these fine suture scissors immediately under the knot. There is no scope for error; thanks to these stitch scissors (suture scissors) – the process is now complete flawlessly.

STEADY GRIP - Most Importantly, Your hands can’t shake or fumble while removing sutures – your focus needs to be on-point, so there is no damage to the tissues surrounding the future, while the grip has to be steady too. The comfortable handle lets you get better control and provides stability when you pull out sutures.