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Cynamed Premium Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers

SKU: G103

Quick Overview:

The Cynamed Premium Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers are slim nose pad arm adjusting pliers. They are best described as professional ergonomic optical-hand tools. Their design makes them safe to use on box-joint and post/screw pads and pad arms assemblies. They have an aperture on the inner side of one jaw. This feature enables it to accommodate the pad receiver. The other jaw is used to manipulate the pad and arm for EASY and precise adjustment. These features make this plier very useful and comfortable to use for opticians.

Cynamed Premium Nose Pad Optical Pliers

SKU: G121
Firstly, the Cynamed's Optical Nose Pad Pliers is perfect for fixing eyeglasses. And other optician tasks. They are also great for jewelry making, wire bending, and much more for crafting work!Moreover, Select pliers have nylon pads, perfect for holding, bending. And straightening parts with reducing the risk of damaging your work.Most importantly, Titanium-look for an aesthetic, unique, and lustrous appearance.German-equivalent stainless steel for long-lasting performance and resistance from corrosion.Length: 5.75 in.