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Cynamed Premium Hinge Optical Pliers A Eyeglasses

SKU: G109

Quick Overview:

The Cynamed Hinge Optical Pliers are perfect for adjusting/fixing eyeglasses and other optical/optician tasks. They are also great for jewelry making, wire bending, and much more crafting work! If you were looking for the best eyeglass repair tools or something to quick fix eyeglass repair, then this is it.Secondly, these Hinge Optical Pliers have nylon pads, which are perfect for holding, bending, and straightening parts with less risk of damaging your work. The nylon pads prevent damage to the delicate item you may be trying to fix. It distributes the force evenly to minimize any risk of damage to the eyeglasses or jewelry.These pliers are made of Titanium. The Titanium-look gives it an aesthetic appeal, which is unique, and lustrous. Moreover, the Titanium used in making these pliers makes them resistant to extreme heat, ductile, and long-lasting.