Cynamed First Responder Medical Belt Tool Kit

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This First Responder Medical Tool Kit is an ALL-INCLUSIVE TACTICAL EMT BAG. It comes with a pair of bandage scissors, EMT shears, tweezers, a hemostat, a debris remover, a pupil light, and a pouch. This EMT go-bag lets you administer first aid in high-tension situations and emergencies, as it comes with a complete set of essentials – everything you need is right in front of you!


  • Tool Belt
  • Utility Shears, 7.25 in.
  • Bandage Scissors, 5.5 in.
  • Hemostatic Forceps, 5.5 in.
  • Thumb Tweezers, 5.5 in.
  • Penlight with Pupil Gauge
  • Nylon Belt Pouch
  • Magnetic Debris Remover

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Cynamed First Responder Medical Belt Tool Kit

A trauma kit or medical bag is a must-have for first responders, EMTs, nurses, veterinarians, and paramedics. Cynamed has come up with a compact emergency medical kit that can be of immense help in situations when people require urgent medical attention. 

This is one of the best EMT first responder bags, and with a brand name such as Cynamed, it is the most lucrative deal you will get. Be prepared for any situation with this EMT trauma bag – order immediately!

Some Other Features Of Medical Tool Kit

EASY TO WEAR TRAUMA KIT – This tactical medical first aid kit has a handy medical first responder pouch that you can wear on your belt. Since you need, quick access to this EMT bag with supplies, (you cannot waste a moment when someone needs prompt medical attention).

It has a flap closure with a Velcro attachment, allowing you to open and close the EMT equipment kit swiftly. It is made of woven nylon that is washable and easy to clean. The pouch is fitted with a hook-and-loop attachment. This feature ensures smooth wearing and removal without the need to take off your belt. It has large pockets for shears and forceps, along with side tool pockets as well.

DURABLE – You cannot have medical instruments in your first responder bag that are of poor quality as it means danger for the patient. The First Responder Medical Tool Kit comes with premium-grade medical instruments made of hardened stainless steel. They are resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion; therefore, they last longer.


  • Made with top quality stainless steel, this first aid bag has a two-sided magnetic debris remover for delicate areas like the eyes. It comes with a powerful eye magnet for drawing our metallic particles, while a nylon loop is used for removing non-metallic debris.


  • A tactical first aid kit must contain a pair of bandage shears. They are extremely useful for cutting through any material such as clothing, car seats, tape, and so on. They have serrated blades and a blunt edge to ensure clean, crisp cuts while maintaining safety.


0.75 lbs


8 × 3 × 1 in

47 reviews

47 reviews for Cynamed First Responder Medical Belt Tool Kit

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  1. Rusty

    Great product and company

    Great product quality and I’m pleased with this company.

  2. TosaT

    good quality tools

    Everything fits perfectly in the durable nylon pouch. Good quality and work well!

  3. CoolBoomer

    This kit came with a good set of stainless steel tools–hemostats, tweezers, scissors etc.

  4. Big Daddy

    Good for your emergency first aid kit

    Everything about this kit feels “professional grade.”

  5. Curly Bibliophagist

    Good kit

    It is in a great case that is compact enough to easily stow other essential tools as well.

  6. Michelle

    Great for home emergency kit

    Nice packaging! I bought this for my emergency kit and It’s perfect.


    Nice set

    Great so it was a wonderful caring case for emergency purposes.

  8. greatist stories

    Everything you need to sratrt your medic/first aid kit. Scissors are sharp, flashlight is bright. scalpel is crazy sharp. Great pouch and everything fits in it great. Tweezers are the best I have eve use. exactly as good as listed.

  9. Patrick

    – Tools appear to be durable and professional.- Holder/holster has room for all the tools with extra space for other tools to be added. The holder has an adjustable velcro loop, so it will fit any belt or bag.- Tweezers and hemostat have gripping teeth, so things won’t slide out of their grasp.- Bandage-scissors do a good job, though the leading edge is ‘pointy’ and scrapes along the skin. I wish it was buffed smooth, so it was more comfortable for the patient.- I’m not a fan of the holder’s main compartment. It doesn’t hold the tools very well and some tools (magnet, flashlight, and tweezers for example) can fall out if the kit is turned upside down. I would prefer a holder with a larger flap that contains all the tools in place. The flashlight loop doesn’t work well with the included flashlight and the light just slides right out the elastic loop.- Despite my criticism, these are decent tools that would still be a good addition to any first aid kit.

  10. Rose

    First Responder Order this Medical Tool Kit -for First aid room.

  11. DaveandMickayla

    This is a pretty nice set to cover basic home emergency purposes and maybe include in your bug out bag. I don’t feel like I like the pouch very much, it seems like it would be terribly difficult to get everything packed away in it. But the tools themselves seem generally of pretty good quality. At first glance the pupil light did seem to feel of lower quality, but it should work in a pinch. The bandage scissors and EMT shears don’t require anything too complicated, you’re just cutting away threads, so those work great. The debris remover is a little confusing but has a magnet on one end. Maybe a little high for my taste but still a nice set to have on hand if you just can’t get to a professional quick enough. These kinds of tools are only as good as the person who is using them and how prepared and knowledgeable they are with how to use them.

  12. Scott

    Oh you could add maybe a few more things. Everyone has bandaids! Well most!

  13. PS

    As others have said, the flashlight and case are junk. The trauma shears are mediocre and would probably last a week for the ave emt. The hemostat, forceps and scissors seam ok. You get what you pay for with this.

  14. michael harris

    Added this to a first aid kit we were building out. It’s not top tier quality or anything but it will definitely do the job their intended for

  15. 💚TosaT💚

    These are good quality for the price. Everything fits perfectly in the durable nylon pouch. The tools are good quality and work well. Good for first aid kit.

  16. Shadow

    I wanted the kit for home emergencies and was most interested in the various bandage shears and the tweezer. These seem to be of high quality. The pouch itself is junk (loop that the pupil light was in was too loose, so this item fell out immediately), and the pupil light was also junk (did not work, despite my supplying the batteries). Thus, $19.99 is too much for this set, and some of it is useless, but some of the items seem fine and I will keep those. Too bad the set as a whole was below expectations. Buyer beware.

  17. W. SH

    The tools did not fit in the pouch very well, item fell out easily. I don’t like the pouch.Some of the tools works, sadly the pupil light is not working. Overall, quality is ok. I just put all the working tools in our first aid box with other emergency supplies.

  18. Amazon Customer

    I was expecting this to be a joke when it came to quality, but it is really some well made items. The 2 sets of safety shears are well made, ultra sharp, and cut amazing. The tweezers and clamp are decent and also well made. The debris remover is strange and I’m not sure how it is supposed to work. I thought maybe it was magnetic but it is not. The case is great and holds everything secure and has enough room for a few other tools if needed. The pupil light is probably the biggest issue. It is cheap and seems pretty flimsy. It does have a neat chart printed on it for check pupil dilation,but not sure if the light would stand up to a lot of abuse. I am not a first responder but I do love in the country and have had to help people out in remote areas so this is a nice set to have for emergencies.

  19. ChiefB & SweetieBooChiefB & SweetieBoo

    I am very impressed with this equipment in the EMT medical tool kit. The pouch is a heavy duty nylon, washable, with a Velcro flap over the front pouch and another Velcro flap in the back to hold the pouch to a belt. Being Velcro, it’s somewhat adjustable, which is nice since belts come in all different widths. All of the tools in this kit are stamped “German stainless.” The EMT shears are black with a nice big handle that easily accommodated several fingers for a stronger grip. The blades of the shears are coated in a flat black. In the handle is stamped “Autoclave 143 C.” The blades of the shears I received rub very tightly against each other when they open and close, and I can see where the metal is scraping the black off the blades each time they are used. I suspect they’ll loosen up a bit with repeated use. The upper blade is nice and sharp, as is the finely serrated lower blade. The bandage scissors and hemostats are both of excellent quality. The hemostat clamps line up nice and straight when closed. The pupil flashlight takes two AAA batteries (not included) and puts out a very nice bright light. There is a nice pupil sizing guide etched into the flashlight. The tweezers are a huge 6 inches long, which is nice for digging debris out of a deep wound. Speaking of debris, the tool for removing debris from eyes is pretty cool. If you unscrew one end, you have the magnetic debris remover. If you unscrew the other end, you have the nonmagnetic loop. This is not just a good EMT tool, it’s also handy to keep around a workshop or home, especially for anyone who frequently works with power tools. This debris remover does not fit in either outside loop of the pouch the way it’s shown in the product photo, because the loops are too large to hold it, but it fits nicely in the front inside pouch with the bandage scissors, hemostats, and tweezers, so no problem there. The pupil flashlight fits securely in either outside loop. This is an extremely nice EMT medical kit. 5 stars.

  20. SimonSimon

    1. This is a a kit that is good for home first aid kits.2. The quality is not what I would call professional.3. The stainless steel instruments are good.4. The plastic flashlight feels cheap.5. The flashlight requires 2 AAA batteries not included.6. The nylon holster also feels cheap.7. The Black shears are tight and rough.

  21. Not My Real Name

    3 stars==Equal to competition and expectations. This got 2.Flashlight failed. The case is not worth the shipping Prime shipping cost.But the scissors, hemostats, and tweezers are averageKnowing what I know now, I would buy something else.

  22. Jerry Viner

    Have not used the item as yet, however, it seems to be as advertised and should be helpful in the future when needed.

  23. Amazon Customer

    I keep a first aid kit in my car. It has everything I can imagine, but many first aid kits lack scissors and other hardware. I am happy to have this set of scissors for when the need arises. Also included in the kit are tweezers, a pen light, and a pouch. The pen light does not come with batteries (2 x AAA). If I left batteries inserted, they would probably leak before I had the chance to use the light, so I removed the pen light from the kit. I think if it came down to it, someone would have a phone for that.

  24. Peanut & Jilly

    Most first aid kits do not have anything like this. This is a professional kit with high quality components. Everything about this kit feels “professional grade.” The scissors are sharp and work well. The debris removal tool has a magnet that can be used to get metal out of your eye and a filament that can remove non-metallic items.The only negative I see is that it appears that it would be easy for the debris removal tool to fall out of the pouch due to the gaps in the way it is put together. There may be a better way to secure it, but I have not figured it out yet, as the instructions are non-existent.

  25. T47 ProductionsT47 Productions

    The media could not be loaded.

    Not an EMT, I am ex-military. Wanted to have an EDC kit that was smaller with the most important to me basics. Fit a rhino rescue tourniquet in the larger pouch area.Great starter kit and can always upgrade the components later if you want.

  26. Miles Brown Jr

    Update: I sent a message to CynaMed and they sent me a replacement light, no questions asked. It came in about two or three days. The customer service I received was excellent. The other tools are all very good. The pouch is fine. I increased my rating to four stars. The only reason I can’t give this five stars is that the original light was broken and others have also received broken lights. If they upgrade the light this would be a five-star product for sure (although I still think they could have thrown in some batteries). I’m conflicted because they did quickly replace the light. I wish I could give 4.5 stars.Original Review:The tools themselves are pretty good.The debris remover with the two internal tools (small loop and pointed magnet) is especially nice, although I hope not to need it.The pouch is a nylon pouch. I see a lot of reviews complaining about the pouch but it is OK. Not the thickest but not too thin. The Velcro is very strong.Unfortunately the included “pupil light” is inadequate. It arrived with broken, damaged threads, making it impossible to screw on the end cap, and rendering the light uselessI did find if I put some batteries in and held the cap on with my thumb, the light did work, so if the end cap had not been broken, the light would have been adequate for its intended purpose.For what I paid for this, I would have expected two AAA batteries to be included, and for all the components to work.I cannot give this five stars since now I have to buy a separate flashlight.Looking at the other reviews I see I’m far from the only one to receive a bad flashlight.CynaMed needs to upgrade that component.Since I can see they are shipping replacement lights, they must know the light has issues, but they have not fixed the problem.Therefore I am rating this three stars.If the light had (a) worked and (b) had some batteries included, this would have been five stars for me.I will update my review and report whether the company sends me a working light.

  27. Pmsmedic

    The scissors and other items don’t fit very well and if not careful will come out of pouch and be missing. Hardware seems to be in good shape but penlight didn’t work. Pouch itself has Velcro closers and is easy and adjustable.

  28. Worddancer Redux

    This is a good addition to our first aid kit. I wish, though, that it were of higher quality. E.g., the scissors are pretty crummy.

  29. CoolBoomer

    This kit came with a good set of stainless steel tools–hemostats, tweezers, scissors etc. There is a tool meant for removing metal from wounds that also has a little nylon “lasso” on the other end. There is even a little flashlight with a pupil gauge on it to help one identify the diameter of dilated pupils. The tools all fit in a heavy fabric and velcro belt holder. There is a crude black steel pair of shears for quickly cutting through seat belts or clothing that really impressed me with how sharp and powerful it was. This kit would really come in handy to keep with fishing, hunting or camping also. As always, I update if something occurs to want to drop off stars. Hope this review was helpful. There’s a button below to click if it was.

  30. John

    The pack has a nice design, comfortable and attaches to my belt easily. However the reason that I gave it such a bad review is that the pen light and a pen I put in the opposite side fall out even without any bending or other activity. Items are of a good quality.

  31. MamaBear007

    I’ll have to admit that I didn’t think either pair of shears would cut much, but when tested against several thicknesses of thick fabric, both pairs cut through my fabric like a charm. When you’re on the road and need to cut through someone’s clothing so you can provide trauma care, it’s essential to have shears that will cut through the thickest jeans, and these shears are up to the tasks. All the other tools feel and look quality. The only thing I’d change is the pouch. It really does need a slot or elastic to hold each tool individually so they don’t bounce around while you’re on shift.

  32. Gina

    I ordered these because I work in the operating room and I need a pair of scissors that will cut through just about anything and are durable because we thrash on scissors in our job. These came in the mail BENT! I can’t even use them because they close with great difficulty. I tried straightening the blades but it didn’t work. They are too uncomfortable in my hand to have to be squeezing them this hard. I’m very disappointed. I really needed these. The bandage scissors were a bit better but still are sticky. The hemostat was super loose in the locking mechanism. If you need this for daily use don’t buy it.

  33. Curly Bibliophagist

    This is a decent kit. It comes with a lot of implements. It is in a great case that is compact enough to easily stow yet it has enogh room to add other things that you might feel are essential.

  34. Rose

    First Responder Order this Medical Tool Kit -for First aid room.

  35. William Hunt

    Being a telecommunications technician I need certain hand tool available at all times. This tool pouch was the closest I could find that would hold my Leatherman, cable snips, small screw drivers and a flashlight.Having the medical scissors and other items are a plus and will go nicely in my home first aid kit.

  36. Amazo

    I bought this due to having to change my mother’s bandage from minor hand surgery. I’ve been wanting a set like this to add to my first aid kit. Very happy with the quality of the product.

  37. Jeff

    The tools are decent. That’s why I gave it 2 stars. The pouch, however, needs a LOT of work. None of the pockets will adequately hold the tools in place for very long.There are 2 elastic loops that could hold the pen light. Neither are tight enough. Without a clip on the light, it falls through.The pocket that holds the large shears has no strap to hold it in. Neither does the pocket in front of that that holds the bandage shears.The cordura flap that is velcro’d won’t hold the rest of the tools securely as it can only be as tight as the longest tool, the tweezers. The rest of the tools will fall out.All in all, I threw away the pouch and kept the tools. This would be a GREAT kit if they redid that pouch.

  38. Bryan

    For my home kit. Haven’t got to use it but nice solid tools and the pouch is great. Two carry positions and lots of room for a few other things I wanted to carry. Great purchase

  39. REOREO

    Great so it was a wonderful caring case for emergency purposes. The only downside is the light that came with it the clicker doesn’t work super great. If you loosely screw it on it will work but if you tighten it all the way the light never goes off.

  40. Here, There, & EverywhereHere, There, & Everywhere

    “Premium” is not the word I would use to describe the EMT scissors in this kit. The handles are an uncomfortable plastic and the shears themselves are VERY rough and hard to open/close. These would be terrible to use in an actual emergency. My brother is a first responder and he’s not impressed.The bandage scissors seem fine, but again… not the greatest quality. They open/close easier than the other scissors and are pretty basic.The other tools seem fine, except the flashlight. It’s made out of cheap plastic and I’m almost certain it would break if dropped on a hard surface like concrete/ blacktop. It works for now, but it requires 2 “AAA” batteries (not included).Overall this is probably OK for a kit to keep in the car/first-aid kit, but I wouldn’t recommend it for use by an actual first responder.

  41. Shadow

    I wanted the kit for home emergencies and was most interested in the various bandage shears and the tweezer. These seem to be of high quality. The pouch itself is junk (loop that the pupil light was in was too loose, so this item fell out immediately), and the pupil light was also junk (did not work, despite my supplying the batteries). Thus, $19.99 is too much for this set, and some of it is useless, but some of the items seem fine and I will keep those. Too bad the set as a whole was below expectations. Buyer beware.

  42. Lattedah

    This is a good basic kit to add to your first aid kits at home, or to your “prepper” supplies. This will come in handy and I like that the holster can hold other supplies if you want to swap certain things out. If you have a better pair of shears that fit, you can easily carry those. I cannot say this is exactly what the professionals would carry, but this is certainly good to have on hand just in case you have an emergency. The stainless steel instruments seem to be decent quality. I would just add a better pair of shears. The flashlight does require batteries so make sure to note that. I wanted this for the eye magnet that helps remove metal particles – that is awesome to have on hand. It arrived quickly after I ordered it and was nicely boxed.

  43. Michael Power

    Case is not the highest of quality. The tools are good and will last many years of use.

  44. Micky

    Since there is so much “crap” on the market, I was not expecting this level of quality for that price. The tool for eyes debris removable is simply genius. The stainless steel tools are NOT “made in china”… wich says a lot on the quality.

  45. PS

    As others have said, the flashlight and case are junk. The trauma shears are mediocre and would probably last a week for the ave emt. The hemostat, forceps and scissors seam ok. You get what you pay for with this.

  46. Elizabeth B.

    I was a bit skeptical about the durability of everything especially for the price point. However, after using everything in the field for a few weeks now I’m confident that I’ll be buying more from this company in the future. All instruments are made with German steel and and not Chinese made.

  47. Bev

    I was very curious about the quality of this when it arrived. But I was surprised Everything seems to be of good quality. We got this to go in our medical bag that has to go with us everywhere due to a central line.

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  • Is the item durable?

Yes, it is very durable long-lasting.

  • Is it easy to maintain?

Yes, it is easy to wash, clean, and maintain.

  • Is the first responder kit easy to use?

Yes, using the First Responder Medical Tool Kit or the first responder bag is very easy.

  • Is there a warranty on the item?

No, there is no warranty period on this item.

  • What are the product dimensions?

The item dimensions are 8 x 4 x 1 inch; 9.4 Ounces