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Cynamed Heavy Duty Trauma Utility Shears – Paramedic EMT Shears Scissors


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Quick Overview:

Cynamed Heavy Duty Trauma Utility Shears have high-quality stainless steel blades with razor-sharp edges and milled serrations for cutting through the toughest materials over and over. Great for medical emergencies or any situation where heavy cutting strength is needed.

Cynamed Heavy Duty Trauma Utility shears are often used to cut away clothing, bandages, and other materials when treating patients or responding to an emergency. They are also useful for survival and military applications where standard scissors just won’t cut it

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Features of Heavy Duty Trauma Utility Shears

Aesthetic look, stainless steel bonded blades, stronger and more durable, made from hardened stainless steel, these precision shears are used to cut through the toughest materials.

One-serrated angled blades. Perfect for multipurpose applications such as cutting costs, dressings, drapes, suture material, etc.

Lightweight plastic material comfortable handle for user control and stability.

Autoclavable and corrosion-resistant.

Made from premium quality stainless steel.

Tip curvature: Angled blades; Overall length: 7.25 in. (18.41 cm)

Dimensions 7.25 in

Black, Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

8 reviews

8 reviews for Cynamed Heavy Duty Trauma Utility Shears – Paramedic EMT Shears Scissors

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  1. GearmasterGearmaster

    Great No-Frills Trauma Shears that are Sharp and Durable

    I ordered these Trauma Shears for our IFAK kits that we have in four different vehicles. There is nothing fancy about them, which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve had the coated blade versions in the past, but that coating has flaked-off, so these are the ticket for a no nonsense set of shears.The length is great, and I tested them on some touch materials, like some double reinforced old Carhartt’s, and they sliced through them like butter.At around twelve bucks for six of them, this is an outstanding value, especially because these are considered disposable items after a couple of hard uses. If you’re looking for some basic trauma shears for an IFAK kit or general purpose emergency services use, this is the pack I would recommend.

  2. Dana O.

    Great multipurpose scissors also

    I don’t really need these for cutting off bandages, but for cutting things in my house. Occasionally I need scissors that aren’t going to potentially ruin a clothing item, and I wished that I had these sorts of scissors, so now I have them. These cut like normal scissors. They are pretty big, which is great. Overall they are about 7.25″ long, and the blades are about 4.5″ long. This is plenty to put in my first aid kit and have them around the house so I don’t have to hunt for scissors when I need them.

  3. Anon

    Great value.

    These are excellent for the money. The hinges are nice and tight but not difficult to move and they cut well. I like to use EMT scissors for general use around the house because we can abuse them without worrying too much about ruining or dulling them. They’ll cut through all kinds of things without issue.

  4. TT

    Good quality, great price! ✂

    Pretty standard low-cost paramedic shears. Very pretty colors! All shears functioned well, with no manufacturing defects, and the plastic handles are smooth even though the seam is inside the finger loops.Get yourself a set and find out how useful they are around the house! ✂

  5. CharlieCharlie

    Great for first aid kit.

    These are very handy in any emergency. You never know when you will need a good pair of scissors.

  6. Larry A

    Cut great! Inexpensive and light weight.

    Excellent set of Shears/scissors. I’m not in the medical profession (and I don’t play one on tv) but I do lots of installation and repair work in the Info Tech and Audio-Visual arena. These are an invaluable addition to my tool kit. They are much lighter than I expected yet they cut very well, also much better than I expected. I can easily carry these in my tool bag or on a tool belt/pouch for easy access. I’m also keeping one in the first aid kits. Very impressed. Surprised I didn’t discover these sooner!

  7. ThrilledReader

    Quality Scissors for under $2/Pair!

    I am a Nurse Practitioner working in multiple rehab facilities. This allows me to have multiple medical bags, so I don’t have to carry everything in and out. Great price!

  8. Jeff B.Jeff B.

    Nice Value Set

    This style of scissor is a real workhorse for me. They handle my toughest job. I can remember when they first came out, the ads showed them cutting pennies as evidence of how strong and tough they are. This is a reasonable quality set at a nice price. I have worked with far better quality heavy duty scissors, but no matter the quality, it seems they all end up getting lost. So, rather than spend money on a top quality set, getting six decent quality sets at a good price makes a lot of sense. They certainly do the trick and I won’t lose sleep when I lose one.

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