Cynamed Holding Pad Optical Pliers with Comfort-Grip


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The Cynamed Holding Pad Optical Pliers with Comfort-Grip tool is perfect for fixing eyeglasses. It is also very effective and dependable for other optician tasks. Additionally, they are also great for jewelry making, wire bending, and much more for crafting work!

Moreover, these Holding Pad Optical Pliers with Comfort-Grip have nylon pads. This feature makes them perfect for holding, and bending eyeglasses and other optical gadgets. These pads ensure comfort and safety while straightening different optical gadgets. It reduces the risk of damaging your work and sustaining injuries in the process

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How to Adjust Glasses with this Eyeglasses Tool Kit?

Using this Eyeglasses Tool Kit makes the process so much easier and accident-free. This holding plier offers a great grip while adjusting the eyeglasses. Like all other Eyeglass Repair Tools that comply with ISO safety standards, these holding pad optical pliers have a firm handle that minimizes pressure and stress. This gives the user better control over the pressure exerted. Hence, it makes bending the eyeglasses to the right fitting very easy. While using these pliers you do not need to fret about how to hold glasses. It comes naturally.


Most importantly, this Optical Nose Pad Pliers comes with a comfortable holding grip. This makes them have an aesthetic, unique, and lustrous appearance. Titanium also gives other effective and useful features to these pliers. These include stiffness, high strength, low density, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

The handle is made in such a way that there is less risk of slipping out of the user’s hand while using it. It can withstand a lot of force, making the design of our pliers unique and most sought.

The German-equivalent stainless steel used in the pliers is ideal for long-lasting performance. This also makes these pliers resistant to corrosion.

Length: 5.75 in.

Pliers Type

Round/Tapered Nose Pliers

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