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Cynamed Otoscope – Ear Scope with Light, Ear Infection Detector


Quick Overview:

The ear, nose, and throat scope are used to properly examine the ear canal, nasal passage, and mouth cavity. To determine what is causing pain or discomfort. The ear checking scope makes use of advanced fiber optics technology to direct the light through the visor. Use the 3X magnification feature to enhance as and when required. This device ensures you can diagnose in only a few minutes.


  • 1 x Otoscope (multiple colors)
  • 10 x Spare Tips
  • 2 x Spare Bulbs
  • 1 x Carrying Case

A lightweight otoscope can undoubtedly make your job of examining the ear thoroughly and locating the source of trouble less complicated and more convenient. This pocket-size ear scope from Cynamed is the ideal medical equipment that lets you diagnose and prescribe quickly and efficiently.

This device can be used by medical students, general physicians, at home, and specialized medical professionals. There is a money-back guarantee too – buy now!

Some More Features Of Cynamed Otoscope

DETECT EAR INFECTIONS – The ear light scope is great for emergencies for both kids and adults as it comes with an ear infection detector. It lets you examine the ear canal and find out the cause of the infection. So you can prescribe a treatment accordingly. The device we can use as an ear cleaning tool as well.

PORTABLE OTOSCOPE – Those associated with the medical profession are never off-duty. The device is extremely lightweight, so you can take it along with you wherever you go. It comes with a beautiful nylon case as well as a giftable box. If you are on vacation and someone needs a quick examination of the ear canal you can immediately take out this doctor’s ear scope and start diagnosing—the case you can use for storing the device when not in use.

SPARE PARTS – Even the best otoscopes need replacements as the components are out of fashion after extensive use. Extra otoscope tips are provided for this purpose – nothing should stop you from doing your job!

FIRM GRIP – The doctor’s otoscope has to be handled and inserted carefully in the ear canal or else it can end up causing injuries. For this reason, the examiners have suggestions to brace the handle of the otoscope. Against the head of the patient to avoid damage to the ear canal. The handle guarantees a strong grip due to its ergonomic design so it doesn’t slip from the hands even if they are sweaty.

CONVENIENT – It is a great tool for pediatricians too. The kids can lie on their backs with their heads to the side so the doctor can examine one ear at a time. Older children and adults can sit up, tilting their heads to the side.

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