Cynamed Premium Quality Dental Tool Kit – Set of 15


Quick Overview

The Premium Quality Dental Tool Kit – Set of 15 of Cynamed includes different types of dental scalers, probes, tarter & plaque remover, a tweezer, and an anti-fog mouth mirror. This kit is specially designed for Professional Dentists. A dental hygienist uses these specialized tools to remove hardened debris and food from your teeth.

This Cynamed Premium Quality Dental Tool Kit – Set of 15 is made from Premium Quality Stainless Steel. Product conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality mark, ISO 13485, FDA, and other quality standards.

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These tools can assist in several emergency dental scenarios, including temporarily filling cavities, temporarily re-cementing dislodged crowns, bridges, and dental inlays or onlays, replanting dislodged teeth, and clearing the mouth of any blood, broken teeth, or other contaminants.


Complete Models: Double-ended with different tips on each side, which can meet your daily engraving requirements.

Non-slip handle: Frosted handle provides a good grip and non-slip performance, is comfortable and is easy to use.

Portable Storage Bag: This dental tool kit comes with a case to store 10 different carving tools, convenient use, and is easy to bring.

Anti-glare finishing.

Autoclavable and Corrosion-resistant.

It is made from High-Quality Stainless Steel.