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Cynamed Suture Stitch Scissors with Multicolor/Rainbow Titanium Coating


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Quick Overview:

The Suture Scissors are made from German grade forging and stainless steel of the best quality. Unlike surgical instruments made from inferior materials, this pair lasts for a long time without the parts coming loose. Moreover, the body is sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion.

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1 x Cynamed Suture Stitch Scissors with Multicolor/Rainbow Titanium Coating

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Cutting sutures requires skill and concentration along with the right tools. A small mistake can lead to serious injuries, thus there is absolutely no room for error. These Suture Removal scissors are just what you need for this task!

Order these “snip a stitch” scissors now! They are an important addition to your first aid kit – apt for both seasoned professionals and training purposes.


Careless handling and use may damage or dull the surface of the instrument, which can interfere with your task. To prevent damage, the instruments should be handled individually. They should be placed in the tray carefully and should not be jostled around while setting up for any surgical procedure. The scissors should not be tossed or dropped. To ensure safety, instruments should be sterilized and autoclaved before a surgical procedure. After the suture removal procedure, the scissors should be placed in a sterile solution to eradicate any infectious agents.


ATTRACTIVE LOOK –  Secondly, The titanium-bonded, multicolor coating gives off a rainbow-colored vibe that is aesthetically appealing. More importantly, The colors vibrate magnificently when light falls on the stitch scissors. The kaleidoscope of shades makes it easy to locate this pair among the paraphernalia in your first aid kit. You won’t have to waste time looking for it, especially during emergencies!

GREAT FOR SUTURE REMOVAL –  As mentioned, removing sutures is a painstaking job and must be done with the utmost precision. The hook is specifically to remove sutures with care. The time of suture removal depends upon the location and degree of tension the wound was close under. To remove sutures, one tail of the suture is to grasp with forceps and pulled gently towards one side of the wound, elevating the knot. The suture’s opposite side is to cut with these fine suture scissors immediately under the knot. There is no scope for error; thanks to these stitch scissors (suture scissors) – the process is now complete flawlessly.

STEADY GRIP – Most Importantly, Your hands can’t shake or fumble while removing sutures – your focus needs to be on-point, so there is no damage to the tissues surrounding the future, while the grip has to be steady too. The comfortable handle lets you get better control and provides stability when you pull out sutures.

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in
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41 reviews

41 reviews for Cynamed Suture Stitch Scissors with Multicolor/Rainbow Titanium Coating

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  1. Nanette P. Jacob

    Worked perfectly to take my dogs stitches out.

  2. Deby Wagers

    As a nurse, thought it was something important to have. You never know when you might need them.

  3. Julie Baskett

    Not as sharp as they should be

  4. Holly Z

    Used to cut newborn puppies toe nails up to 4weeks old. Med breed.

  5. Amazon Customer

    My mom had an awesome pair of seam ripper’s, and after 80 years, I miss placed them, I don’t know where they are. And I searched and searched and finally found these and they work almost as good. They perform well they’re sharp and I would definitely recommend to anyone who is a seamstress.

  6. Kim Keller

    The scissors arrived broken. I like the feel of them, easy to use- not loose but not overly tight either. Feel of nice quality materials. Beautiful coloration. Due to being broken at the tip, they cannot fit under sutures and are in-usable. I submitted a return/ replacement. If the second pair is better, I will update my review

  7. S

    I got it for fun knowing this would be pure garbage, and garbage it was.doesn’t cut, doesn’t close smoothly and terrible finish on it

  8. Crystal

    These were extremely thick and difficult to use. They were VERY dull. I do not recommend for any cutting or scissor removal.

  9. K. Michael

    Works just like regular suture scissors, but more colorful! 🌈❤️

  10. C. Kendall

    Makes cutting teeny tiny rubber bands out of my baby’s super fine hair so freaking easy!

  11. Animefanmom

    Cuts with no problem, hook slides under suture easily. Works exactly as expected.

  12. Steph

    Work great for a veterinary tech!

  13. Amazon Customer

    These might be great for removing stitches from a person but they’re not any good for removing tiny stitches from cross stitch fabric. Points are too blunt. Can not get under stitches. Did not work for the purpose I bought them for.

  14. Natalia CamperoNatalia Campero

    The hook blade looks really fragile, like it will bend and/or break any moment. Its also uneven and blunt( wont cut through the stitches)

  15. Taylor E.

    The curved tip is very wide and dull and does not catch suture well.

  16. annie m

    I bought this for suture removal. Wanted something with the curved top to get under the stitch. This scissors was too thick and seemed not sharp. Bulky.. I made it work, but really do not reccomend.

  17. Twila Bagley

    The blades were too thick and I was unable to remove stitches and after waiting several days for delivery I still ended up at urgent care.

  18. Hernandez

    Love how cute these are but they are the most DULL pair of scissors you could possible buy. They took so long just to cut. I would not recommend these at all

  19. sassy_nurse

    These are so tiny they’re nearly impossible to use

  20. Retired Ski Bum

    These scissors worked very well when I used them to remove my own sutures. This saved me a trip to the doctor’s office during the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby keeping everybody a little bit safer.

  21. Sheryl Minier

    very dull. Not appropriate for suture removal

  22. xtal

    These did the trick. It had stitches that had to be taken out over the holidays. Was told that I could just get someone to take them out for me. My son is a firefighter so he did it but he needed the proper tool. He did the trick.

  23. Zeno Cosini

    Effective and inexpensive. What more is there?

  24. Keith m weber

    Worked perfect

  25. Sierra Nelson


  26. MillerPaints

    Needed to remove some sutures from our horse….while these aren’t expensive you can certainly find cheaper online…and you don’t want scissors that wont cut when you are in a delicate area. These worked like a champ.

  27. Jeanne

    Clean and store for the next accident

  28. Kim

    I bought these after buying a cheaper pair that did not work at all.These worked amazing.I used them for removing my dogs stitches.

  29. Client d’Amazon

    Beaux ciseaux à sutures cependant ils me sont pas très acérés.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Ease of use.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Worked like a charm

  32. Tiffany

    These are great suture scissors. I work in an animal hospital and they have stayed in great condition in the last few weeks and are sharp.

  33. Devin Brown

    My original set of scissors didn’t come with suture scissors, so I had to buy this one separate. The beautiful rainbow finish matches perfectly with my other set, and it is perfect for getting those teeny tiny sutures.

  34. Tony

    Would not cut string.

  35. melissa

    The hook is amazing. Color is beautiful. They work great

  36. SteBoGo

    Pleasantly surprised. Had some very fine, tightly woven stitches in my back from a dermatologist. Because I couldn’t see back there, I had to put the bride of 51 years on removal duty. She went from a blubbering nervous wreck over the whole thing one minute to ‘oh-this-is-easy’ a minute after the third of 20 stitches came out. When I saw the scissors at first I had my doubts but it all worked out fine. If I was supplying a medical facility I might seek an upgrade over these but for occasional home use, this is a great solution and I wouldn’t stop short of calling them ‘premium’. Enjoy!

  37. Milena Petrovic

    Big and not overly sharp curved tip…kind of thick

  38. Tammy

    Work perfectly

  39. Kim

    I use it for work. I am vet assistant.

  40. Yet Another Amazonian

    Bought these to keep on me at work- I’m a vet tech and hate having to walk around looking for bandage scissors. First time I tried to use these they barely cut through vet wrap/koban. Still looking for a good pair of bandage scissors as I use them about 5 times a day. Very frustrating!

  41. Maddie

    These are great suture scissors they are super sharp and get the job done quick

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