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It is important to highlight that the Cynamed Optical Nut Pliers are the perfect eyeglasses tool kit. With this, optometrists can fix all kinds of problems. If you were wondering how to adjust eyeglasses at home, then these pliers are the first step. It is also highly recommendable for various optician tasks.

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This eyeglasses tool kit is also great for jewelry making, wire bending, and much more for crafting work!

Moreover, the Cynamed Premium Optical Nut Pliers have nylon pads. These are perfect for holding any delicate item (eyeglasses or even jewelry) and bending them with controlled force.

These pliers for glasses make it so much easier to straighten bent parts and align them without damaging the item. It also offers a reduced risk of damaging your work.

Most importantly, these pliers have a Titanium-look for an aesthetic, unique, and lustrous appearance. Titanium is a very good material for designing high tension and power equipment. It is resistant to high temperatures. The pure form of Titanium is lightweight. It is a lustrous metal and resistant to corrosion.

Users can easily wash and dry clean their pliers without hassle. It is not necessary to use an autoclave to sterilize these pliers. A simple wipe using a damp material or disinfectant is good enough. Titanium is resistant to various chemicals.

The Cynamed’s Optical Nut Pliers are made from German-equivalent stainless steel. This ensures that they are long-lasting, and offer optimal performance.

The design of these pliers for glasses is in keeping with user comfort. It has a remarkable handle with ridges to increase pressure without stress. Moreover, the handle makes sure the user has a firm grip on the equipment while working.

It is designed to maintain comfort and safety during use.

Length: 5.75 in.

How to Adjust Eyeglasses Using Optical Nut Pliers

In most cases, there is the need to adjust new eyeglasses. How many times have you wondered “how to adjust my eyeglasses”?  Whether you are a professional optometrist or you are an individual trying to figure out how to adjust eyeglasses, buying Eyeglass Repair Tools like this one is necessary.

Simply order it, and hold it firmly to bend or adjust the eyeglasses at home or work. The remarkable grip it offers and the ergonomic design makes the job very easy and safe. There are hardly any risks of breakages. Just keep the pressure you apply in check.


0.2 lbs


6 × 4 × 1 in

Pliers Type

Double Action Nut Pliers

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    • Is this eyeglasses tool kit durable?

Yes, it is very durable. This feature ensures its longevity.

    • Is it easy to maintain?

Yes, it is easy to wash, clean, and maintain.

    • Is the item easy to use?

Yes, using Cynamed Optical Nut Pliers is easy.

    • Is there a warranty on the item?

No, there is no warranty period on this item.

    • What are the product dimensions?

The item weighs about 2lbs and measures 6 × 4 × 1 in.

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