Cynamed Trauma Shears (Black) – Safety Medical Scissors with Blunt Tip


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USEFUL FOR ALL – Whether you are a nurse, EMT, doctor, paramedic, or in the military, you are likely to have a first aid kit handy. It is incomplete without a pair of tactical trauma shears, which you might need at any time, as you have to rise to the occasion. Even adventure enthusiasts should have a couple of heavy-duty black trauma shears with them.

TOP QUALITY – EMS trauma shears have to be of the best quality as you can’t compromise when dealing with someone who needs medical attention. Moreover, the cut has to be neat and sharp. This is why these black trauma shears are there with the sturdiest fluoride-coat stainless steel. The extraordinary craftsmanship ensures this pair is durable and won’t get rusted or corroded easily.


  • 1 x Black Cynamed Trauma Shears with Blunt Tip and Serrated Blade



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Cynamed Trauma Shears (Black) - Safety Medical Scissors with Blunt Tip

Are you looking for the best trauma shears? It is always responsible to carry a pair of bandage shears in your first aid kit as you never know when a trauma response is required. Accidents and emergencies are unpredictable, so you never know when there might be a need for good trauma shears. 

Go ahead and place your order for this pair of trauma shears right away! You can rely on this paramedic-recommended set of scissors every time.

Some Other Features Of Black Trauma Shears

ALWAYS BE PREPARED – Need a clean, crisp cut in a hurry? Trauma shears are just what you need! These medical utility shears ensure you are ready to handle any situation without panicking. They are the ideal addition to your first aid kit.

SAFE FOR USE – These trauma scissors have serrated blades that can cut through almost anything- they have a smooth pivot and can work well for DIY projects too. For instance, they can be used to cut the one side bodysuit off your newborn. After his diaper explodes in the car seat when he is 5 days old and too young to bathe. The blunt rounded tip on these safety shears ensures it doesn’t cut skin, even in a highly tense emergency situation. We know it as EMT trauma shears because EMTs and medical professionals use them. To remove clothing from a person before administering first aid quickly.

ERGONOMIC GRIP – For those who deal with emergencies regularly, you can’t have scissors that are painful to hold. These shears are lightweight and easy on the hands. The ergonomic design ensures you can grip them without the hassle and complete the job as quickly as possible. Rest assured, they won’t slip from your hands while cutting.

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10 reviews for Cynamed Trauma Shears (Black) – Safety Medical Scissors with Blunt Tip

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  1. Rex C. Becker

    Great, sharp and quality scissors. I really like the blunt nose keeping me from poking holes in my hands.

  2. Cynthia Seley

    This was very useful

  3. Shawn R

    These shears are well made and have a smooth, tight action and the blades feature a black finish which seems durable. The shears cut well and fit in the small first aid kit I obtained them for, they will also fit a standard paramedic/EMT pouch. The black finish is nice for folks who have a need to be tactical or just “tacticool”.Overall nice, well built shears. Four stars.

  4. Hathi

    Picked these up for our Explorers’ Tripp’s first aid kit. Replaced a very cheap pair of scissors meant only for gauze and tape. These aren’t great by any means but better if we would need to cut off a shirt or pants, etc. for aid. Fairly light weight and opening / closing is a little tight but will get the job done in emergencies.

  5. Michael G

    These shears work really well, seem well made and are comfortable to use.

  6. Mike King

    Cut great and strong.

  7. Steve Taylor

    Remember those scissors advertised in TV that can cut a penny? That’s what these are. I’ve had a pair for about 30 years and they’re still going strong. These are very similar if not the same. Just a different color. I don’t think they’re for professional use but for around the house they work great. Perfect for gardening and for cutting things that you wouldn’t dare cut with your good scissors.Price good scissors and you’ll see that a few dollars for these is worth it.

  8. Christian Henriquez

    I got these they are awsome passed the penny test, have uesd them out in the feild and have worked great have not had any issues with them at all.

  9. Mel

    I’ve been an EMT/Paramedic for 18 years, so I’ve had my fair share of sheers, I’ve used them all… the cheapo shears you get from pharmacy companies and EMS week gifts, down to the leatherman raptors when they first came out. These pair of shears is definitely a good compromise between both worlds. They don’t feel cheap, they are comfortable (as comfortable as shears can be) to use when making heavy cuts, and soo far the blade has not dulled… even having cut through a zipper or two. You can tell it’s good quality and for the price, you certainly can’t beat it! I’d put it’s quality almost up there with my raptors, just without all the fancy bells and whistles of ring cutters and center punches and everything else that comes with the $70 shears. For around $7, these are the best one’s I’ve used soo far…. they cut just as well as the raptors… and seriously, how many times have you needed to cut a ring or break a car window. Yes, it’s cool to some people, but on a daily, you’re needing to cut things more than anything. I barely carry my raptors around anymore because I don’t want to lose them (yes I have two pairs)… but these, do the job well and if I lose them, or someone else takes them from me (come on you know it happens), I’ll just get another pair.

  10. LLLL

    Good addition to my trauma/first-aid kit on my vehicle. It cut thru fabrics, tapes, bandages etc. with ease. The tip is blunt and protected, so you don’t have to worry about stabbing whoever you are working on. The handles are comfortable, and slightly grippy, so it is easily manipulate-able with gloves on (and/or with slimy/slippery liquid…. eg. blood). The quality is OK, not the smoothest shear I had used, so I rate this as an occasional use item.Thank you for reading this review, I hoped that this review & the pictures are helpful to you in support of your purchase decision.

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