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Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers – For Decapping 8mm and 11mm Crimped Vials and Bottles


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Quick Overview:

DURABLE – Users need to know that these pliers are from solid and premium grade stainless steel that can withstand considerable wear.

CONVENIENT – Secondly, you have to master the use of adjustments and settings with an electronic decapping gadget and keep referring to an instruction manual until you get it right. Moreover, there are elaborate maintenance procedures involve too, which makes it very tedious. This manual vial decapper is a much better option, as the action is simple. Moreover, you do not have to waste time fumbling with knobs and settings.

DUAL ACTION – These patented decapping pliers remove two differently sized caps – open caps of 8mm and 11mm crimped vials and bottles.


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Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers - For Decapping 8mm and 11mm Crimped Vials and Bottles

Has anyone told you that decapping vials is best done using an electronic gadget? While it gets the job done quickly, there are several hassles involved, too, such as figuring out the settings and memorizing them. That is why it is best to get it done manually with decapper pliers.

So what are you waiting for? Order the Twin Action Decapper Pliers for 8mm and 11mm vials and bottles!

More Features Of Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/11mm

SWIFT– Besides, The action of clamping down on the caps of crimped vials and bottles and then removing, takes only a few seconds, thanks to the patented 2-in-1 design!

EXCELLENT GRIP – It is necessary to remember that ergonomic design aims to help the user perform the task more easily and safely. Repetitive motion that may come with the job at hand can lead to muscle injuries. Besides, avoiding those is the sole objective, along with increasing productivity and precision. Sufficient friction has to exist between your hands and handle for a good grip.

Also included are cushioned-handgrips for user preference.

NO MORE BREAKAGE OF VIALS –In conclusion, when you (as the medical practitioner or technician) need to decap a medicine vial, you can’t afford to break it. Hence, decapping using the our patented Vial Decapper Pliers is easy, quick and an effective solution.

Use the pliers in simple, easy steps: 1.) clamp down on the crimped cap, 2.) lock-in, twist, and 3.) simply remove. You will not have to deal with broken vials or wastage of crucial medicines with our product.

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8 reviews

8 reviews for Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers – For Decapping 8mm and 11mm Crimped Vials and Bottles

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  1. Jennifer

    Works great for removing Botox vial caps

  2. And-relax

    Works great and less Expensive than the Kebby pliers

  3. Mary merdich

    Made my live easier

  4. Bd

    Great!! Nice quality.

  5. ATTT

    Great tool without overpaying. Love ththe 2 sizes in 1..

  6. Shelley

    Opens both 50unit and 100unit vials of Botox very easily.

  7. Eob

    Great pliers!

  8. Christina

    Love this product. Easy to use. We bought it for the 50 & 100 unit Botox vials. Works perfectly every time. Great grip too!

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<ul> <li>Is the item easy to use?</li> Yes, using the Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers 11mm is easy..</ul> <ul> <li>Is the item durable?</li> Yes, it is very durable. This feature ensures its longevity. </ul> <ul> <li>Is there a warranty on the item?</li> Yes, there is warranty on manufacturer defect. </ul> <ul> <li>Is it easy to maintain these optical tools?</li> Yes, it is easy to wash, clean, and maintain..</ul> For more questions and if you have any queries, feel free to contact us.