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Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers – Perfect for Decapping 8mm and 30mm Crimped Vials and Bottles


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Quick Overview:

HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION –Firstly, the patented 2-in-1 design, and excellent construction of the dual-side Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/30mm using premium stainless steel enhances its durability. These features offer consistent performance at all times. They won’t break or come apart even after extensive use – the body can withstand considerable wear-and-tear and is corrosion resistant.

FAST & EASY OPERATION –All you have to do is use the plier’s jaws to clamp down on the crimped cap, lock-in, twist, and then remove the aluminum seal. This action of clamping down and subsequent removal completes in a jiffy! This eliminates the possibility of vials breaking or cracking and the medicine spilling out.


  • 1 x Twin Action Decapper Pliers.
  • 2 x Cushioned Grips.

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Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers - Perfect for Decapping 8mm and 30mm Crimped Vials and Bottles

Have you ever tried removing caps of bottles using vial decapper pliers? If the manual aspect sounds frustrating, rest assured, it isn’t so. Cynamed’s decapping pliers are smooth and simple to operate and deliver dependable performance.

Some Other Features Of Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/30mm

STEADY GRIP –It is crucial to bear in mind that it should be ergonomically designed. For those who decap vials regularly, the last thing they need is a device with a poor grip. When that happens, the pliers might slip from your hands, especially when your palms get sweaty. Repetitive motion that may come with the job at hand can lead to muscle injuries and fatigue too. To ensure the task finishes safely, sufficient friction should exist between the hand and the object. Therefore, the grip should be solid. Unique cushion handgrips include specifically for this purpose. Even when palms become sweaty, the friction is fine, and the grip is steady.


Decappers are typically handheld pliers used to remove, but not limited to, vial and bottle caps. Most can remove caps of a single size. Still, the dual-action Vial Decapper Pliers 30mm allows the user to remove two different sized caps. It means higher value for your money, as you can remove caps of 8mm and 30mm crimped vials and bottles.

In conclusion, some might still prefer an electronic decapper instead of a manual device, as it seems easier to use – you press a button, and it does what is required. However, it is important to maintain electronic gadgets properly, or else they start malfunctioning. You also have to tweak the settings continuously – it can become tedious after a while. Decapper pliers ensure hassle-free operation with a seamless action of twisting and removing the cap. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about settings and adjustments of the Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/30mm.

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8 reviews

8 reviews for Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers – Perfect for Decapping 8mm and 30mm Crimped Vials and Bottles

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  1. Kamran Tasharofi

    It works but you better know how to use it otherwise you can get the rubber cap off and spill the liquid.

  2. J S B

    It is easy to use, it is clean and easy to clean. Pliers go for much less. For some reason this tool is expensive. I guess anything associated with BOTOX is going to be marked up.

  3. Christina

    Love this product. Easy to use. We bought it for the 50 & 100 unit Botox vials. Works perfectly every time. Great grip too!

  4. S. Levitt

    Works perfectly to open the 50 and 100 mL vials of Botox. There may be cheaper ways to open vials, but when the vial costs as much as Botox does, I want to use the proper tool! This gets it done easily, and without worrying that I’m going to break the bottle in the process.I have seen other versions of this online which cost about twice the price, but are only single sided. This handles both sizes in one tool, for a good price, and I can’t imagine that the other tool could work any better than this. This tool feels very solid and well-made.

  5. winks crew

    This device is a life saver when getting both Botox and Dysport bottles open. Easy to use and worth the money.

  6. DocMolar

    I use these to de-cap Botox and Dysport vials which are two different sizes. I also use this for IV meds that need to be disposed of which also come in varying sizes. The 13 and 20 mm size is perfect for all the above uses. I haven’t met a vial yet that I cannot de-cap. I highly recommend.

  7. CR

    Can get every last bit of meds out of a vial.

  8. Leslie P.

    Just as described. Easy to use. Sturdy.

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    • Is the item easy to use?
Yes, using Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/30mm is easy.
    • Is the item durable?
Yes, it is very durable. This feature ensures its longevity.
    • Is there a warranty on the item?
Yes, there is warranty on manufacturer defect.
    • Is it easy to maintain?
Yes, it is easy to wash, clean, and maintain.