Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers – Perfect for Decapping 8mm and 13mm Crimped Vials and Bottles


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HASSLE-FREE – Firstly, you have to know how to make the right adjustments and settings to use an electronic decapping gadget. Even if you have an instruction manual for reference, looking at it continuously is more time-consuming. Do not forget about the maintenance procedures, which make it very tedious. This manual Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/13mm is a much better option because the action is simple and you do not have to waste time fumbling with knobs and settings.

LONG-LASTING –Secondly, these pliers are of the best quality of stainless steel. It can withstand considerable impact and does not get out easily. Even the handles are made of premium stainless steel.


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Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers - Perfect for Decapping 8mm and 13mm Crimped Vials and Bottles

Features of Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/13mm

TWIN ACTION – You can use these Decapping Pliers for removing two differently sized vial caps. Open caps of 8mm and 13mm crimped vials and bottles.

RAPID OPENING OF VIALS – Moreover, the action of clamping down on the caps of crimped vials and bottles and then removing them is easier with these pliers. It takes only a few seconds, thanks to the patented 2-in-1 design! They are soft jaw pliers, smooth jaw pliers, or parallel jaw pliers which makes them easy to use for decapping.

DON’T LOSE GRIP – Our decapping pliers are designed with our patented, ergonomical grip to prevent slipage. We also include cushioned grips, made using non-slip, non-conductive, and compressible materials as per user desire.

ELIMINATES RISK OF BREAKAGE – In conclusion, when you (as the medical practitioner or technician) need to decap a medicine vial, you can’t afford to break it. Hence, decapping using our patented Vial Decapper Pliers is an easy, quick, and effective solution.

Use the pliers in simple, easy steps:

1.) clamp down on the crimped cap,
2.) lock-in, twist, and
3.) simply remove.

You will not have to deal with broken vials or wastage of crucial medicines with our product.

Experience the difference of Vial Decapper Pliers 8mm/13mm. Order now!
Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


5 reviews

5 reviews for Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers – Perfect for Decapping 8mm and 13mm Crimped Vials and Bottles

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  1. RiRi

    I would have appreciated this information when purchasing: Botox 50 ml vials use 13 mm + Botox 100 ml vials use 20 mm (see pic) . Hope this helps others.

  2. winks crew

    This device is a life saver when getting both Botox and Dysport bottles open. Easy to use and worth the money.

  3. Leslie P.

    Just as described. Easy to use. Sturdy.

  4. Ardis Schmitt

    These are great for Botox 50’s and 100’s . Works so easily every time! Love these!!!!

  5. B. A.

    It works great. Little pricy but it saves medicine that makes it worth it.

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Are the 8mm/13mm Decapping Pliers easy to use?

The Cynamed Vial Decapper Pliers can easily open 8mm or 13mm vials. They have an ergonomic design for comfortable use and are reliable and efficient for professionals and beginners alike. Get them to end struggles with manual vial opening.

Is the item durable?

This durable and strong product is designed to last for a long time, offering impressive quality and reliability.

Is there a warranty on the item?

"Our product warranty covers manufacturing defects and applies if the product is used correctly for its intended purpose. If you have any issues, please contact us."

Is it easy to maintain these 8mm/13mm Decapping Pliers?

This product is low maintenance and built to last. Get it if you prefer easy care items.