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Browse through our comprehensive range of medical instruments, surgical supplies, medical supplies, and other vital healthcare products manufactured and tested thoroughly for improved user experiences. Cynamedical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical, hospital, and surgical products. Our products are licensed and certified as per the latest healthcare standards. We supply world-class healthcare products and supplies in several countries across the world. With a wide portfolio of medical facilities and devices, Cynamedical provides significant advances as well as practical solutions to the major healthcare providers of the world. We are a leading medical product supplier for enabling you to equip your hospital and medical center with top-quality medical supplies online.

Cynamed© O.R. Standard

Cynamedical features a wide range of professional surgical supplies and instruments. The surgical supplies range in grade from economy to premium. We feature the unique OR Standard line for operating room requirements. These feature top-class surgical and dental requirements. For delivering top-grade OR standard medical instruments, we combine German standard stainless steel along with bespoke craftsmanship of our medical staff to deliver high-performing instruments and online medical supplies at highly affordable rates. Reach out to us for affordable medical supplies.


Cynamed© TC Standard

Tungsten Carbide (TC) is known to be harder in comparison to stainless steel. Surgical instruments that we manufacture and supply with tungsten carbide get inserted in the tip for offering a stronger grip while lasting longer. We offer a wide range of top-quality Tungsten Carbide (TC) instruments to our valued clients. These medical products are extensively used during surgery for holding and grasping different medical objects. Moreover, to ensure the best-ever results, our experienced product evaluators conduct in-depth stringent quality tests for ensuring that there are no defects in the process. TC medical instruments as per our standards are identified with the presence of gold handles.

Cynamed TC Adson Forceps with Tungsten

Cynamed© Artzone

At Cynamedical, our exclusive rainbow line is known to consist of bandage scissors, Olsen Hegar needle holders, canine & feline spay packs, and so more. We manufacture our multi-color or rainbow instruments by using top-grade stainless steel and the best-in-class titanium in the industry. We work with the best craftsmen in the industry featuring state-of-the-art facilities. Our unique multi-color or rainbow line features a noticeable coating to make your surgical or medical instruments stand out in the environment.

Lister Bandage Scissor

Cynamed© Diagnostics

A correct diagnosis is known to lead to the right treatment. Our advanced range of diagnostic and examination medical tools helps healthcare centres and hospitals to help others. We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic equipment and products, including sphygmomanometer and stethoscopes. Our other range of advanced diagnostic and examination equipment includes thermometers, ophthalmoscope sets, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, and others. In comparison to other suppliers, our diagnostic tools are highly cost-effective.

Cynamed Student Otoscope Set – Multi-Function Ear Scope

Cynamed© Economy

Our primary focus with the standard grade of medical instruments is the overall cost efficiency. We are committed to providing competitive pricing for our clients looking for affordable medical equipment and supplies.

Medical Scissor

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