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Crile Hemostat Forceps | O.R. Grade

Features of O.R. Grade Crile Hemostat Forceps Serrated jaws with locking mechanisms are perfect for clamping and various gripping applications.

Cynamed -Dental Tools Dental Pick Oral Care Kit, Stainless Steel Dental Hygiene Kit Set, Tooth Scraper Tartar Dental Scaler Tweezers Mouth Mirror for Personal & Pet Oral Care Use (Pack of 9)

Available Configurations: 2PK, 3PK, 5PK, 6PK See from our variety which best suites your needs. Quality Assurance – Buy with

Cynamed 12pc Dental Hygiene Kit – Calculus & Plaque Remover Dental Tool Set – Tarter Scraper, Tooth Picks Probes, Scalers & Mouth Mirror

SKU: DK-0043
Maintain optimal oral hygiene between dental visits with the Cynamed 12pc Dental Hygiene Kit. This professional-grade kit equips you with the tools you need to effectively remove plaque, calculus (tartar), and food debris for a cleaner, fresher mouth.

Cynamed 2 Pcs US Army Navy Retractor 8.25 in. Veterinary Double Ended Stainless Steel Instruments

SKU: 294-07
Manufactured from AISI 420 stainless steel. Product Conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality Mark, ISO 13485, FDA and other Quality Standards

Cynamed 24″ Long Straight Hemostat Forceps – Stainless Steel Locking Tweezer Clamps – Ideal Hemostats for Nurses, Fishing Forceps, Crafts and Hobby

Versatile 24″ Hemostat Forceps: Explore the versatility of Cynamed’s 24-inch straight hemostat forceps, an essential tool for educational, personal, and

Cynamed 3-Piece Professional Dermaplaning Tool Kit – Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle 3 – Blade Remover – 100 Surgical Dermaplane Blades

SKU: DP-002

Quick Overview:

Cynamed offers a 3-Piece Professional Dermaplaning Tool Kit known for its top quality, precision, and assured reliability. Our scalpel blades and handles are manufactured with Premium Quality Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. These scalpel blades are certified with an ISO-9000 and have CE acceptance markings. More importantly, our Scalpel Blades & Scalpel Handles are sterilized by Gamma Radiation.

What is included in the package:

  • 100 x Replaceable Scalpel Blades
  • 1 German Stainless Steel Scalpel Blades Fits: Handles #3
  • 1 Blade Remover

Cynamed 6-Pieces Stainless Steel Precision Probe Set

SKU: DK-0013

Quick Overview

The 6-Pieces Stainless Steel Precision Probe Set by Cynamed includes Single, Short Double, Long Double, Triple, and Hook Tips 5.5" probes. This kit is specially designed for both professional dentists and personal use.This Cynamed 6-Pieces Stainless Steel Precision Probe Set is made from premium grade stainless steel. Product conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality mark, ISO 13485, FDA, and other quality standards.

Cynamed 6PC Dental Hygiene Kit – Professional Stainless Steel Tools for Plaque Removal and Oral Care – Tartar Scraper, Dental Scaler, Tooth Pick, Mouth Mirror – Hygienist Set for Home Use

SKU: DTK-06-01
Efficient Plaque Removal: Precision-designed dental scaler and tartar scraper effectively eliminate stubborn plaque buildup. Versatile Usage: Multi-functional tools, including tooth

Cynamed Adson Forceps – 6 in.


Quick Overview

Adson Forceps: Perfect for tissue manipulation and dressing application.

  • Ribbed grip for comfortable control and user stability.
  • Made from German equivalent stainless steel.
  • Autoclavable and corrosion-resistant.

Tip configuration: Straight & curved serrated jaws, Straight & curved plain jaws, and Straight & curved 1x2 teeth jaws.

Manufactured from ASTM-standard stainless steel. These products conform to ISO 9001, CE-Quality mark, ISO 13485, FDA, and other quality standards.