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O.R. Grade Stevens Tenotomy Scissor

Features of OR Grade Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Tenotomy scissors have long handles and small sharp blades with sharp or blunt

O.R. Grade Stille Plaster Shears

Features of O.R. Grade Stille Plaster Shears Used to remove heavy or large plaster casts. Round handles to facilitate ease

O.R. Grade Thumb Tissue Forceps

Features of O.R. Grade Thumb Tissue Forceps Multipurpose. Used for grasping, holding, or manipulating body tissue and dressing material. Comfortable

OR Grade Knowles Bandage Scissors

Cynamed offers OR Grade Knowles Bandage Scissors Bandage scissors have a blunt tip on the upper blade so as not

OR Grade Leksell Duckbill Bone Rongeur

SKU: ORG-11-1257S
Features of O.R. Grade Leksell Duckbill Bone Rongeur Double action, plier handle instrument. Used for various lab bone removal applications. Comfortable

OR Grade Williger Bone Mallet

SKU: ORG-11-198S
Features of OR Grade Williger Bone Mallet Used with gouges, rasps, and chisels to chip and remove the bone.  Comfortable

Premium Dental Soft Brushing Kit – Periosteum Saving kit by Cynamed

5-piece set includes all the instruments needed for soft brushing procedures Made of high-quality blue titanium, which is durable, lightweight,

Premium Gracey Curettes & Scalers – Set of 7 with Sterilization Cassette by Cynamed

Complete Set of 7 Gracey Curettes and Scalers: This set includes all 7 Gracey curettes and scalers, which are the

Premium Periodontal Dental Instruments by Cynamed | Double-Ended Non Stick Composite Instrument – Gold Titanium

Double-Ended Design for Increased Efficiency and Productivity: This set of 4 double-ended composite non-stick instruments allows you to quickly and

Replaceable Scalpel Blades – Box of 100


Quick Overview:

Cynamed offers a full range of high-quality Replaceable Scalpel Blades that are known for their top quality, precision, and assured reliability. Our scalpel blades are manufactured with Premium Quality Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. These scalpel blades are certified with an ISO-9000 and have CE acceptance markings. More importantly, our Replaceable Scalpel Blades are sterilized by Gamma Radiation.

What is included in the package:

  • 100 x Replaceable Scalpel Blades

Handle Fitment:

  • 10 Series Blades Fits: Handles 3, 3L, 3 Graduated, 5B, 7, 9, B3, and B3L
  • 20 Series Blades Fits: Handles 4, 4L, 4 graduated & 6b 

Safety Scalpels with Graduated Handles – 10PK


Quick Overview:

Safety scalpels are Disposable Scalpels with a safety mechanism that typically involves a retractable plastic guard that, when actively deployed, sheaths the scalpel blade. Cynamed Safety scalpels come packaged with a blade equipped so the user can immediately use and prevent self-injury.

What is included in the package:

  • 10 x Retractable Safety Scalpels

Semi Automatic Crown Remover Set

SKU: 38-787