Disposable Scalpels with Graduated Handles – 10 Pack


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Quick Overview:

Made using premium grade stainless steel, Disposable Scalpels are a better alternative than replaceable surgical blades. Cynamed Disposable Scalpels come packaged with a blade equipped so the user can immediately use and prevent self-injury.

What is included in the package:

  • 10 x disposable scalpels


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Single product layout

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Disposable Scalpels with Graduated Handles - 10 Pack


Are you looking for quality medical scalpels? When it comes to buying scalpels, it is best to stick to disposable ones for making deep, clean lacerations through skin and tissue – Cynamed’s dissection scalpels are exactly what you need! It comes in a set of 10 with a variety of blades. Are you searching for surgical scalpels for sale? Go ahead and place your order now!

Other Features of Disposable Scalpels

SAVE TIME – Traditional scalpels need to be run through an autoclave for sterilization after each use. With disposable scalpels, you don’t have to sterilize them as they are for one-time use only. There is no requirement for rigorous checks in place to ensure re-sterilization.

VERSATILE – There are plenty of medically-related fields where disposable scalpel and blade uses prove to be beneficial. Bio-specimen processing labs, medical examiner and coroner offices, research and development facilities, and veterinary research labs are just a few. You can use it for lab experiments and crafting projects too.

CONVENIENT  – While carrying out the surgery with disposable scalpels, a surgeon can have an approximate measurement of the cut made by them with the help of the graduated scale on the handle during or after the completion of the surgery. This aspect helps to improve accuracy.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – It is imperative that your hands remain steady while handling a scalpel – any fumbling or shaking pose a serious threat to the patient you are operating on. This lightweight scalpel (disposable) comes with a sturdy plastic handle that provides a comfy yet solid grip. So you have full control while holding it. Thus there is no chance of slipping – a must for error-free surgical procedures!

EXCELLENT SHARPNESS – The surgical scalpel has an ultra-sharp blade for making clean, crisp cuts. It can remove calluses and skin tags and perform complex dissections securely. This tool comes in handy during dermaplaning and other cosmetic procedures too.

CAREFULLY STERILIZE – The scalpels and blades are painstakingly sterilized using gamma radiation – you can simply unpack the box and begin using them.


0.25 lbs


6 × 4 × 1 in

Blade Size

No. 10 , No. 11 , No. 12 , No. 15 , No. 20 , No. 21 , No. 22 , No. 23 , No. 24

14 reviews

14 reviews for Disposable Scalpels with Graduated Handles – 10 Pack

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  1. Esmeiling Almonte

    I love the package, it was cheap and it really works in my skin ,this very worth it to buy it .

  2. Shawn Dye

    And sterile quality as the doctor’s office. My fiance is a nurse and uses this to trim and clean calloused skin. Great product, great price and the handle makes it very easy to handle and use.

  3. Alessandra Almeida

    Perfect size!

  4. TashaT131

    I learned on these and I like the ideal of using a fresh one on people. They are great never had a dull one

  5. Johanna L.

    I ordered a box of these scalpels to scrape out a painful, reoccurring corn from the bottom of my husband’s foot. The blade was the perfect size , very sharp, and it got the job done easily without causing him any pain. ( I’m a nurse and I watched a bunch of YouTube videos to get the specific technique down… I wouldn’t recommend attempting any such procedure without some knowledge of what you’re doing.) As an added bonus they’re great for all kinds of craft projects.

  6. Ellie80

    I absolutely love how amazing these blades are, they extremely sharp so you must be careful when handling them. I use them for a face peel on myself ( I’m trained) and I love the results. The price and value are worth the purchase.

  7. Ever Oldenberg

    They are pretty sturdy. I’d like them to be a bit sharper for dermaplaning, but they will do! I like that they are single use!

  8. nondeplume

    These are a good size for dermaplaning. If you are used to the tinkle type of blades, it takes some practice to get the angle worked out, but the results are much better. The blade stays sharp a long time and I like the blade cover. The green stem makes it easier to find in my makeup caddy. Recommend this product.

  9. Jonny Howdy

    I used it to remove a thick callus from under my aging mom’s foot that was giving her great discomfort when walking. But it grew back in 4 months and she was hobbling again. I watched her Podiatrist use a scalpel to remove her callus and I said to myself “I can do that”! After watching a few YouTube Vids to be sure I commited to remove it myself. This scalpel worked great! Saved some time and money and a trip to the doc. Now she is walking without a hobble again! Thanks!

  10. J. Reddick

    These little scalpels are individually packaged and razor-sharp. At first. After a few uses, a blade will quickly become noticeably dulled and won’t perform as well as a new one. But they’re inexpensive and intended to be disposable, so I’m perfectly satisfied with my purchase. 🙂

  11. dennis gamble

    So sharpe so sharpe . 100% satisfied

  12. Holly

    This product helped me do take care of a wound.

  13. Halcyon

    I’m using one of these for the decidedly non-medical purpose of putting slits in my sourdough loaves. It’s a great bread lame, easier to use than the purpose-built bread lames that hold a double-edged razor blade, in my opinion as a neophyte baker. And at about $1 apiece, with nine spares waiting in the wings for when the first gets dull (how long will it take bread dough to appreciably dull the first one?) it seems like a pretty good value.

  14. A. Balch

    I like that these are individually wrapped and sterile. I personally use them for Dermaplaning for about $1 per scalpel this is well worth it, also this brand has a bit of a grip on the handle which I’ve Noticed several are smooth. Will definitely be sticking to this Brand in the future, as these are the best I’ve come across to date.

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